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FlierModel SHV BLDC



These controllers come with a anti spark connection that recharges the controller capacitors before the main connection is made. The controllers are configured for airplane use and an USB adapter that allows use of a PC to adjust the operating features.

With 18S systems the user needs to be very careful with regards to wires and connectors as a mistake can lead to the release of a lot of energy which can be very dangerous! Be careful!

1.Designed for Airplane
2.Battery voltage from 3S to 18S for SHV version.
3.Program via PC.
4.Firmware can be upgraded by the user.
5.Adjustable LVC for Li-Io/Li-Po, Ne-Cd/Ne-MH, LiFe battery types.
7.Timing settings may be adjusted (0°-30°)per degree to suit.

8.Three types of throttle curve .
9.Automatically detection the throttle range or can be set a fixed value by manual operation.
10.Auto cut off the power within 3 seconds with loss of RC signal.

11.6 levels braking.

Size: 110x52x32mm(180 amp version), 130x52x32mm( 240 amp version)

Weight: 380 grams( 180 amp), 430 grams (240 amp)