80XX Outrunner Motors for Giant Scale Models

New! 80XX Outrunner Motors for Giant Scale Models

The new 80 series outrunners are derived from a industrial motor and the design details show that these are built to much higher standards that the usual hobby motors. The motors feature 14mm shafts and the motor can be configured for both front or rear mounting. The stator and magnet design is optimized for the 5000-8000 RPM range. There are 3 lengths available with 2 winding options for each. The 8019 and 8025 are perfect for 12S projects and the 8038 and 8057 will reach full potential on 14 to 18 cells.

A special collet type prop adapter is available for $18.95. We also now have a "DA style" prop adapter that uses the same bolt attachment as the gas motors.

Motor mount adapter plates are available that fit the DA 50-85 and DA100-150 for 17.95

Note on controllers: The Flier Model controller s DO NOT work correctly with these motors. For 12S applications the Castle Creations 160HV in "Outrunner Mode" works well as does the jets Spin 300. We are working on testing other controllers with these motors.

Click here for additional information: https://neumotors.com/neumotors-8000-series-bldc-motors-7500-30000-watts/

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