SAE 2021 limiters

2021 V3 version of SAE Limiter

The rules have changed for the 2021 contest year and the limiter design has been updated.

The new V3 version will have some differences over previous years limiters:

1) XT60 connectors for power for the regular and advanced class and XT30 connectors for the micro class. You need to supply the mating  connectors. We do stock them in the store if you need them.

2) much smaller size

3) Soft power reduction when commanded power exceeds the defined limit as per SAE rules.

4) BEC power pass through.

5) There are 3 versions " regular class" , "advance class" and "micro class". Be sure to select the correct version.

These are the official 2021 SAE approved limiters. 

Order as many as you want---but be aware that to be fair to everyone the number shipped to any one team maybe limited until the back orders are filled. Schools going to the earlier contest will get priority. 

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