1412 marine and 1410 EDF motors

EDF and marine motors

The 1410/2Y/SE is designed as a lower cost version of our popular 14XX series motors. The Kv for this motor is 1850 with a no-load current of 1.4 amps. Weight is 205 grams. Diameter is 36.5mm and is 58mm in length. The output shaft is 5mm.  This motor is a good match for the MidiFan running 6 or 7S and drawing 60-80 amps with thrust in the 70-90oz range. The 1410/2Y also will make a prop plane move right along too with a 8x5 prop and a 3S battery it will draw 50 amps and with 7x7 prop 45 amps.

There are 3 versions of the 1412 WC motors are available with 1700Kv,1850Kv and 2030Kv. The motors are 60x36mm with 5mm shafts. The WC motors come with a removable water jacket. The 1412WC motors are also perfect for EDF applications. 

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