APD Brushless F series Motor controllers

APD controllers

The APD F-Series ESCs bring forward a ground-breaking new design utilising a Powerful 32-bit F3 processor running brand-new firmware (APD Proprietary) developed from the ground up.

The F3 processor ensures no input commands are missed, even at the highest input update rates. Its bleeding-edge features include ‘PWM-frequency dithering, and Active Phase-current De-Magnetisation to ensure the smoothest control at high power, whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.

*Compatible with the latest Protocols including ProShot up to 3MBs/S.

* We can flash the controllers with firmware that is suitable for us with F5D and F5B models. Please make a note in the comments section during checkout if using for fixed wing applications and we will make sure the controllers are configured correctly. Changing the programs in the 40F3,100F3 and 120F3 controllers requires a FTDI USB-serial adapter. The job requires some soldering to jumper 2 pads to allow programming. The FTDI adapters are available here. 

A 1980uf  100v Cap Pack  is available for use in high current applications or where there will be long cables from the battery to the motor. It measures 28x50x40mm. The cap pack can be supplied with or without 10 gauge cables. It uses high quality Panasonic low ESR capacitors designed for use in high ripple current applications.

40F3 is for up to 40 amps and 6S & 100 amps surge * 3 grams * 16x30x5mm

80F3 is for up to 80 amps on 8S and 140 amp surge * 20 grams *22x44x12mm

100F3 is for up to 100 amps and 8S & 150 amps surge * 20 grams * 48x25x20mm

120F3 is for up to 120amps and 12S & 200 amps surge* 20 grams * 70x30x20mm

200F3 is for up to 200 amps and 14S & 300 amps surge *36 grams*73x34x20mm

Additional specs:https://docs.powerdrives.net

Virtually No Setup Time

Plug and Play Firmware

Up to 14S Capable

Up to 200 Amp Continuous, 300 Amp Burst

True 10-Bit Resolution

Auto-Detect ProShot or DShot any Frequency Range

ProShot1000 to ProShot3000 Capable (1-3Mbs/s)

Dshot300 to Dshot2400 Capable (0.3-2.4Mbs/s)

Up to 750,000 eRPM

Auto PWM-freq and Timing Advance

BetaFlight Telemetry Output

Intelligent Current Sensing

Digital Commands Over ProShot (including Anti-Turtle Mode)

Digital Commands Over DShot

8-Layer PCB to Ensure Minimal Track Resistance

LED Indication


Wires and cables not included.

For a additional charge we can solder on the power/motor and signal cable and program for use with RC style PWM

Setup documentation and specifications can be found in these links:






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