APD HV and HV Pro Controllers

HV Pro

Finally a motor controller that can operate our larger motors at their full potential! Perfect match for the larger 8038, 8057 and 12030 motors!

Running a 180 MHz 32-Bit processor these will deliver maximum smoothness, unmatched linearity, with ultra-fast throttle response for unsurpassed flight control. With peak power ratings up to 30kWs, these ESCs will have no trouble powering your craft.

The APD developed (proprietary) firmware ensures unmatched low-throttle and starting characteristics. Ultra-smooth starting and ramp-up characteristics ensure your drive-train is safe. Features include PWM-frequency dithering to avoid PWM-commutation synchronisation, adaptive motor timing advance and proprietary developed Active Phase-Current De-magnetisation (APCD). APCD along with Synchronous rectification ensure maximum ESC efficiency is achieved.

Designed and manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality components, ensuring no sacrifice in reliability.

Aerospace grade ceramic capacitor bank for lowest possible ESR and maximum reliability, no more dried up electrolytic failures!

Multiple operation modes:


Normally used for watercraft and aircraft not requiring reverse.

Incremental + Linear power ramp control.


Instantaneous input = Output Step Response.


Soft-start for drivetrain protection.


Same as normal except for active torque control, which applies a motor phase current limit that ramps proportionally with higher motor duty-cycles.

Plug and play firmware

True 12bit throttle resolution

Feed-Forward compensator

Up to 480Hz input update rate (Standard PWM)

Runs Oneshot125, Mutishot and Proshot Up to 32Khz

Over 1,000,000 eRPM

Auto PWM-freq

Auto Timing Advance

Onboard 16Mbit Flash memory – Data-logging

Firmware updatable through micro-USB port

Isolated Input and output (Can be configured for RPM)

Fully configurable through the APD ESC Config Tool (micro-USB Connection)

Optional external capacitor board for >1m input lead lengths: Cap Board

* Continuous current ratings are at a 100% throttle duty cycle. Continuous rating is defined as max sustained current at 100% throttle for 180 seconds with 10 m/s airflow.

Weight 220 grams

Size: HV Pro 77x52x27mm, HV14 96x52x22mm

Optical isolation

HV 14S(60 volts) 240 amps constant, 360 amps surge

HV Pro 16S( 70 volts) 400 amps constant, 600 amps surge

HV Pro 20S(85 volts) 300 amps constant, 450 amps surge

HV Pro 24S(100 volts) 200 amps constant, 450 amps surge

Documentation and Datasheets can be found here:







APD offers a 800uF 100V capacitor board for applications where there will be long cables or high ripple current.

A NeuMotors 1980uf 100v Cap Pack is available for use in high current applications or where there will be long cables from the battery to the motor. It measures 28x50x40mm. The cap pack can be supplied with or without 10 gauge cables. It uses high quality Panasonic low ESR capacitors designed for use in high ripple current applications.

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